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Project Management is a Discipline not a Role…

CPMC was founded by Jim Stevens and Julie Dunlap — both Former Executives at Lockheed Martin — each having seen the good and the bad of Program Management. Shortly after being founded, Jim and Julie were joined by Thad Ozyck and Brian Harper, both who have extensive PMO management and analytics experience. Over the past several decades, CPMC leadership has developed an approach to managing complex programs with management concepts that can be leveraged across delivery domains and programs. It is through structured Integrated Program Frameworks (IPFs) that CPMC is able to deliver consistent results, with out of the box automation, across all the disciplines of a well-rounded PMO, regardless of the program management team assigned.

Bringing the best talent in the PM market along with the applied knowledge of the CPMC leadership team and structured PM methodology is the differentiating factor setting us apart from the competition. Please contact us to learn more about how we can support your organization.

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