Project Management is a Discipline, Not a Role

Jim Stevens and Julie Dunlap created CPMC each having seen the good and the bad of Program Management over the decades of their careers. Shortly after founding, Thad Ozyck and Brian Harper joined Jim and Julie, adding their extensive PMO management and analytics experience to the company leadership team.

Our CPMC leaders developed an approach to managing complex programs with management concepts that spans government and commercial domains, delivery methodologies, and program types. It is through our structured Program Management Framework that CPMC delivers consistent results to help our customers achieve their missions.

CPMC delivers the best talent in the PM market bringing with it the applied knowledge of our leadership team and structured PM methodology.

Our Customers

CPMC is proud to serve our government across civil and defense agencies. We supported USCB’s largest and most complex mission programs including 2020 Technical Integrator (TI), Census Questionnaire Assistance (CQA), dDaaS, R&M Enterprise Support Analysis, DRIS, and DCS 2000. We also supported major programs for the Department of the Army.

CPMC partners with commercial entities to help them build and refine their Program Management skillset through custom-built training, executive and program level consulting, and direct program support.

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